AfxBeginThread - is it better to call it's SuspendThread() or something else...

"voytello" <>
28 Apr 2006 00:01:03 -0700
I am wondering, which way is better to stop running the thread, for
BOOL CNewDlg::OnInitDialog()
//calling the first thread
m_pThread[0] = ::AfxBeginThread(FirsThread,this,0,0,0,NULL);

//calling second thread - suspended
m_pThread[1] = ::AfxBeginThread(SecondThread,

//both functions of threads (FirstThread and SecondThread) has similiar
UINT CNewDlg::FirstThread(LPVOID pParam) //and UINT
CNewDlg::FirstThread(LPVOID pParam)
    CMyDlg* pMain = (CMyDlg*)pParam;
        pMain->TimeFun(); //this function gets time from CTime and displays
to screen
    return 0;

So, when I want to use SecondThread, I suspend the FirstThread with
function ->SuspendThread() and I wake up SecindThread with function
->ResumeThread(); similarly I am doing it when I want to woke up
FirstThread and so on.

Huh, my question is: Is it better maybe to use a bool variable in
while() in function of thread or suspend it with SuspendFunction?

When variable will be true, the thread will be running, when false it
will stop.
I know that this option is available when I want to use for every time
FirstThread I must call the AfxBeginThread for this thread, because
when bool variable will be false, the thread will stop - the same for


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