Re: Reading text file with CStdioFile.ReadString

"Gerry Murphy" <>
Fri, 5 May 2006 11:08:17 -0400
"David Wilkinson" <> wrote in message

Ed Ardzinski wrote:

I'm trying to read a text file using CStdioFile, and finally got it to
work about right...not sure what I was missing, but eventually I got all
the lines into a string and was able to set the window text of my
CRichEditView with this

CStdioFile file;

CString stext;
CString buffer;

while (file.ReadString(stext) != FALSE)
buffer += stext;
buffer += "\n";



The issues I have is that the LAST line of the text file seems to get an
extra space added to the beginning of the line. Given I struggled to get
this far in what *should* be a near trivial exercise, I must be missing

From what I read in the documentation, the CString version of ReadString
does NOT return the end of line character. So that's why I add it. But
why would the LAST line get and extra space at the START of the line, and
no other line is changed???

Thanks for any insight. VC++ 6.0 on Win XP home, if that matters...


Why are you calling ReadString() twice? Seems to me you are capturing only
every other line?

Personally, I do not like the idiom "!= FALSE'. I think it in fact works,
but "== TRUE" is not guaranteed to work because TRUE is defined to be 1
and other non-zero values might indicate a true value.

David Wilkinson

What's wrong with simply writing

while (file.ReadString(stext)...

Sorry, superfluous boolean testing is one of my hot buttons.

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