Re: thread - structure

"Doug Harrison [MVP]" <>
Tue, 20 Jun 2006 18:42:00 -0500
On Tue, 20 Jun 2006 17:58:48 -0500, "cdg" <> wrote:

 Could you or anyone correctly write the two statements for using the
"this" pointer. It is one thing that I don't exactly understand, so I am not
sure how to write for it when it is the pointer to a visual dialog class.

 Would it be written for the initialization like this:

threadinputs -> CThreadTestDlg* = this;

No, you've combined member access, declaration, and assignment all in one
illegal statement.

  And the access (or extraction) statement would be written like this:

this = pStruct -> this;

No, you can't modify a this pointer, and "this" is a keyword so you can't
name a variable "this".

The updated code from the previous code from the previous post.

void CThreadTestDlg::OnStart()
   ThreadStruct* threadinputs = new ThreadStruct;
    threadinputs -> *** "this" pointer ***???;

threadinputs->pDlg = this;

    threadinputs -> NumA = NumA;
    threadinputs -> NumB = NumB;
    threadinputs -> NumC = NumC;

   AfxBeginThread(Thread1, threadinputs);

UINT CThreadTestDlg::Thread1(LPVOID lParam)
    ThreadStruct* pStruct = static_cast<ThreadStruct*>(lParam);
   **** "this" pointer statement **** ???

CThreadTestDlg* pDlg = pStruct->pDlg;

    unsigned short NumA = pStruct -> NumA;
    unsigned short NumB = pStruct -> NumB;
    long NumC = pStruct -> NumC;

// pDlg->PostMessage(UWM_THREAD_FINISHED, (WPARAM)0, (LPARAM)0);

   return 0;

And declare pDlg in your struct like this:

struct ThreadStruct
   HWND hWnd;
   CThreadTestDlg* pDlg;
   long NumA;
   unsigned short NumB;
   unsigned short NumC;

Doug Harrison
Visual C++ MVP

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