Re: NT Service Problem

"David" <FlyLikeAnEagle@United.Com>
Mon, 11 Sep 2006 11:15:00 GMT

Your ServerUpdates method appears to be okay. There could be something
hidden that prevents the shutdown but a debugger is the likely next step.

I'd perform one more test before going to the debugger. Try commenting
out the lines related to beginthread. If your service can now be
shut down properly the problem is in SvrUpdateThreadProc.

When faced with such a misbehavior I usually choose to add to my log
files. In your case I'd add all kinds of logs for the beginning and
ending of threads and all the major resouces that are allocated.

Debuggers are terrific tools when you have a problem you can examine
but rather useless tools when the problem doesn't fail for you. I've
seen more than my share of programs that work on the development
and test systems but fail at some point for the customer. You also
need to be able to determine what happens with your code when it is
released into the wild.


On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 09:26:02 UTC, Susanna <> wrote:

void MyService::ServerUpdates()

    CDatabase db;
    CString strVal;
    CRecordset rs(&db);
    CString sqlCommand;

        //Connect to the Database


            sqlCommand = "My SQL Query";
            DWORD dRowsFetched = rs.GetRowsFetched();

            if(dRowsFetched > 0)

                if(nUpdateThrdCount <= 0) //Global Variable which is greater than
zero if thread below is already started
                    handleUT = (HANDLE) _beginthread(SvrUpdateThreadProc,0,NULL); // create
                    //handleUT global again


    CATCH(CDBException, eDB)
        //Write the Error to Log File

This is the function I am calling in the service every 15 mins to check for
a condition
If the condition is satisfied a new thread is started.

I am also calling this function in ServiceMain

The Service starts & stops successfully if I dont call this function.
If this function is called then there is a problem in stop of service.
The service is eventually stopped , but it does not return Success.

{There are other functions also that I am calling from service main & they
also deal with threads, but I dont have any problems with those.
Its just this function that is causing problems}

Has this something to do with the time out value.
How can I extend the timeout period for stopping the service.If yes, how?

Thanks again for your help!

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