Re: writing to gui from thread

"Alexander Grigoriev" <>
Thu, 22 Feb 2007 20:58:35 -0800
You SHOULD NOT do SetWindowText for a window that belong to other thread. It
may cause a deadlock. in general, other than PostMessage, you should not
mess with other thread's windows.

<> wrote in message

//the Best solution is 2 use static thread 2 access Dialog Member

// Add These 2 globals in threadmemberfnDlg.h

CWinThread *MemberfnThread;
CThreadmemberfnDlg *Dlgobj = NULL;

//Add Static Member Fn to threadmemberfnDlg.h

static UINT DlgMemFnThread( LPVOID nParam );

void CThreadmemberfnDlg::OnStartthread()
// Begin Thread
MemberfnThread= AfxBeginThread(DlgMemFnThread, this,


// Thread Function here
UINT CThreadmemberfnDlg::DlgMemFnThread(LPVOID nParam)
Dlgobj = (CThreadmemberfnDlg*) nParam;
Dlgobj ->SetWindowText("Static Thread Works Fine 2 Access Dialog
Member Fn");

// using Dlgobj now u can access any Member Fn of Dlg class
return 0;

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