Re: Error when MFC of type "static library"

PG_girl <>
4 May 2007 07:45:02 -0700
this is my code to be clear:

//this is a cretical section variable declaration gloabl i need it
CCriticalSection cs;
int flage=0;
//when play button is pressed
void CLeft::Onplay()
    int param=1;
//the thread declaration
UINT thread_1(LPVOID pParam)
                // i take out the code of display vedion it's too long
and doesn't important
                if ( flage !=0)
    return 0;

//function of button get frame that when pressed the vedio thread will
void CLeft::OnGetFrame()

On May 4, 5:30 pm, PG_girl <> wrote:
thank you tom for your sugestion.. i am back with other quetion i hope
some one find me a solution...
i am creating a project in MFC in MDI with static library.. then i
creat a class name "Left" that hava a function called when play button
is pressed ,, this function "play" create a thread using
"AfxBeginThread" ( the thread decla ration is in PROJECTNAME.h) and a
function thread is called that containt some code of reading the
vedion file, all going ok. when i press play button the vedio is
displaye and when it end i press the play button another time but
nothing happen ??????????
what is the problem is should the thread created a gain and display
the vedio?? i don't know , it's make me crazy

On May 4, 4:31 pm, "Tom Serface" <> wrote:

The links I posted earlier both have sample programs that display video.
It's more work to use DirectShow, but if you want to display something
beyond a small flashlight moving back and forth during a search it works a
lot better.


"PG_girl" <> wrote in message

gyes be patient with me.. my goal of my MFC project is to let the user
choice the vedio file he/she want then it displayed after in any time
he/she will press the key of GET FRAME then the frame in same moment
is extracted and display alone in another box during that the vedio
file is pushed until the user resume it againe...

how that done?? CAnimateCtrl don't give a control of that,, even more
it display my vedio with different color that it is and with part of
it's bottom in the top of vedio??

pleas hlep me i need this to bulid my GUI for my project as fast as
you can

However, the CAnimateCtrl was intended for running simple videos like the
one in the file copy menu where it's throwing the files across during a
copy. To do "real" video you will have to use something a little more
robust like MCI or DirectShow. Here are some links to check out:


"PG_girl" <> wrote in message

On May 3, 7:25 pm, Joseph M. Newcomer <> wrote:

Seems odd. This error is a failure to have a DECLARE_DYNCREATE and

On 3 May 2007 08:20:12 -0700, PG_girl <> wrote:

hi all..
i create new project of MFC of type mulitiple document using Static
Libray choice in creation wizard, and when i creat a spliter class
chang it code i get this error:
build error C2039: 'classNAME : is not a member of 'NAME'

while this error isn't appear when i choic "Shared DLL" in creation
wizerd of MFC project..

i need my project to be "static library" any help??????

Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
MVP Tips:

thank you too much it's work..
i have other qution.. i load i vedio file in a dialog and i cant get
control to any buttones, menues. etc...
what should i do??- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -- Hide quoted text -

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