Re: EnableWindow() problem

AnRil <>
Tue, 19 Jun 2007 13:02:14 +0200
Dnia 19-06-2007 o 11:33:35 Theo Landman
<> napisa?(a):


I have trouble with AfxGetMainWnd()->EnableWindow() at least on Windows
XP. Not tested this . My main application needs to run another GUI
program and while this program run should not be accessible for user
input. In order to do this I call AfxGetMainWnd()->EnableWindow(FALSE);
Start the GUI program Then use a bit of code to wait for the GUI to
finish. See snippet below:
  HANDLE aHandles[2];
  aHandles[0] = GetCurrentProcess();
  aHandles[1] = hGUI;
     DWORD dwResult = ::MsgWaitForMultipleObjects(2, aHandles,
     if ( !prcGUI.IsRunning() )
  } while ( AfxGetThread()->PumpMessage() );

However, when the GUI program stops my main application won't get the
focus automatically again after I call
AfxGetMainWnd()->EnableWindow(TRUE); The application behaves as being
minimized and I have to explicitly click on the program icon in the
desktop bar to bring it back up.
I tried different combinations of SetActiveWindow(),
SetForegroundWindow(), BringWindowToTop() and SetFocus() but nothing
If I don't use EnableWindow() this problem does not occur.
So in short how to force my application back to the foreground?

Any help appreciated,

I think you should check if the window you have in the first return of
AfxGetMainWnd() is the same window as in the second time. If you have a
variable of your CWinApp derived class, (like CSampleApp theApp), try

^C from help

If the server has an object that is in-place active inside a container,
and this container is active, this function returns a pointer to the frame
window object that contains the in-place active document.

If there is no object that is in-place active within a container, or your
application is not an OLE server, this function simply returns the
m_pMainWnd of your application object.

If AfxGetMainWnd is called from the application's primary thread, it
returns the application's main window according to the above rules. If the
function is called from a secondary thread in the application, the
function returns the main window associated with the thread that made the

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