Re: CStdioFile ReadLine

"Tom Serface" <>
Fri, 22 Jun 2007 06:57:18 -0700
Hi Hamishd,

Do you have newlines in the file? The ReadString() function only reads up
until the next newline. It also has a line length of something like 128
characters if I remember correctly. If you have that class you could try
upping that line limit, recompiling, and seeing if that fixes it. Or, if
you have newlines in the "line" you will have to use a normal CFile and
parse the lines yourself. CStdioFile and CStdioFileEx don't really know
anything about double quotes.


"hamishd" <> wrote in message
I have the following 4 lines of data in a text file which I want to
read (note the large number of spaces in line2):

CStdioFileEx file; CString str;
CString Data[10];

file.Open(_T("c:\\file.txt"), CFile::modeRead){
     Data[i++] = str;

But it doesn't read the 2nd line correctly... here's the result
Data[0] = .5,-90,50
Data[1] = "??
Data[2] = 0
Data[3] = -15630,166,205,0
Data[4] = 0,0

It should be:
Data[0] = .5,-90,50
Data[1] = "??
Data[2] = -15630,166,205,0
Data[3] = 0,0

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