Re: Problem using CFileFind on SMB server on LAN

 Mike <>
Wed, 17 Oct 2007 00:55:56 -0700
On Oct 11, 6:06 pm, Mike <> wrote:

I am having problems using CFindFile() when the path is to a directory
on an SMB server in the local LAN. I am able to "see" the directory
using _chdir but I need to iterate through all the files in the
directory using CFindFile()

My code is as follows :

char * c_str = "\\\\server\\dir";
int foundVideoDir = _chdir(c_str);
if (foundVideoDir != 0)
    ;/*do error code*/


// if get here dir found on remote server

CFileFind finder2;
BOOL bResult2 = finder2.FindFile(c_str);
if (bResult2 == 0) // note opposite value to _chdir
    /*do second error code*


// if get here dir found on remote server

The second error code gets executed, but not
the first.

I see that the docs for CFileFine say that it and the other related
finders allow local, remote, gopher, ftp, http etc etc finding and I
assumed that it is CFileFind that does it for LAN servers using SMB ?

No answer, huh ? Does that mean there is no way to get CFindFile() to
work across a networked directory ?


Mike Davies

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