Re: problem with pipes IPC

Janma <>
Wed, 25 Feb 2009 03:51:59 -0800 (PST)
My client is connecting to the pipe using the below code

          g_TrayPipe, // pipe name
          0, // no sharing
          NULL, // default security attributes
          OPEN_EXISTING, // opens existing pipe
          0, // default attributes
          NULL); // no template file

Is there a way where the admin created the named pipe, switched user
and then the non-admin tries to connect to the pipe created by admin??


On Feb 25, 4:16 pm, Janma <> wrote:

I have created a named pipe for an admin user in the following way.

HANDLE hPipe = CreateNamedPipe(
                          g_TrayPipe, =

      // pipe name

                          PIPE_ACCESS_INBOUND, =

     // read/write access

                          PIPE_TYPE_MESSAGE | =

      // message type pipe


 | // message-read mode

                          PIPE_WAIT, =

           // blocking mode


CES, // max. instances

                          BUFSIZE, =

           // output buffer size

                          BUFSIZE, =

                               // input buf=
fer size


AIT, // client time-out

                          NULL); =

             // default security attribute

                if (INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE == hPipe)

Now if i log off admin user and step into a non-admin and try to
create the pipe it works fine. But if i do a switch user and go from
admin to non-admin, then non-admin user cannot create pipe with the
same name.
This is understood as the admin user's pipe is open waiting for
connection. Here the pipe is working as global.

My requirement is that i want the pipe to work as a local one just as
we can do for a mutex.


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