Re: How to tell when page loas completes with CHtmlCtrl/CHtmlView?

=?Utf-8?B?UnVzaE1hbmJlcnQ=?= <>
Tue, 22 Aug 2006 15:16:05 -0700
Yes, I see now. I finally thought to trace back up the stack when I hit the
breakpoint in OnDocumentComplete(). Now that I can see the source for
CHtmlView, I see that CHtmlView::DocumentComplete just calls
OnDocumentComplete(), so I can override it and do what I care about.

Thanks for your help.

- Rush

"AliR" wrote:

It's not a problem you can override them.

This was my test and it worked perfectly
void ChtmlviewerView::NavigateComplete2(LPDISPATCH pDisp, VARIANT* URL)

   if (!m_lpDisp)
      m_lpDisp = pDisp;
void ChtmlviewerView::DocumentComplete(LPDISPATCH pDisp, VARIANT* URL)

   if (m_lpDisp && m_lpDisp == pDisp)
      // if the LPDISPATCH are same, that means
      // it is the final DocumentComplete. Reset glpDisp
      TRACE("Document is done downloading");
      m_lpDisp = NULL;


"RushManbert" <> wrote in message

"Ajay Kalra" wrote:

Its due to numer of frames on the page. Use DocumentComplete method and
look here for details:

Thanks Ajay. I don't know why my searches didn't turn that up.

The only problem I still see is that they want me to override
OnDocumentComplete (LPDISPATCH lpDisp,
                                    VARIANT FAR* URL)

but the only prototype I find in afxhtml.h is this:
    virtual void OnDocumentComplete(LPCTSTR lpszURL);

There is another method:
    virtual void DocumentComplete(LPDISPATCH pDisp, VARIANT* URL);

which has the LPDISPATCH argument, but the comment before this method says
"Event reflectors (not normally overridden)"

Got any recommendations?

- Rush

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