Debug Assertion Failed Message in afx.inl at line122 & afshtml.inl file at line 57

"Shanu" <>
27 Feb 2007 19:53:17 -0800

I am getting some Debug Assertion Failed in afx.inl at line 122 and in
afxhtml.inl at line 57 Messages on PCs. If i do "Rebuild all" again on
my PC then the code starts working. But it gives "Debug Assertion
Failed message of afx.inl file at line 122" on other PC. And if i do
"Rebuild All" on that second PC then it gives "Debug Assertion Failed
message of afxhtml.inl file at line 57" on my PC. It is a debug build.
If i take the exe and create a installer then also the installer works
on many PCs but gives the message of afx.inl file.

The afx.inl line 120 - 128 are
// CString
_AFX_INLINE CStringData* CString::GetData() const
    { ASSERT(m_pchData != NULL); return ((CStringData*)m_pchData)-1; }
_AFX_INLINE void CString::Init()
    { m_pchData = afxEmptyString.m_pchData; }
#ifndef _AFXDLL
_AFX_INLINE CString::CString()
    { m_pchData = afxEmptyString.m_pchData; }

I believe that I am making a wrong GetData() call somewhere in my code
but how to track it.

Actually it gives error just on double clicking the exe itself.
And if you do "Rebuild All" I already told....its start working.
So how can i debug it????? Its a ver big question for me.

And the lines 56-57 of afxhtml.inl file are

_AFXHTML_INLINE void CHtmlView::Refresh2(int nLevel)
    { ASSERT(m_pBrowserApp != NULL); m_pBrowserApp-
Refresh2(COleVariant((long) nLevel, VT_I4)); }

One more point worth to tell is
I have tried making the setup/installer from my PC and that second
PC ....but that is also resulting in those same errors as mentioned
above. Actually when i searched dependencies through Install shield
5.0 it was finding only one MSVCRTD.Dll dependency. Then somebody told
me that Install Shield 5.0 has a problem and it may not work. So as i
thought that it might be a DLL related error i took a new Install
Shield 6.3 (upgrade version) and tried to make a installer in which it
searched 4 DLL files dependency. But that too is giving error on that
second machine....where as it worked on some other machines this time.


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