Re: CHtmlView document.returnValue

MrAsm <>
Mon, 21 May 2007 17:24:28 GMT
On 21 May 2007 08:46:34 -0700, Francesco Vitale
<> wrote:

Here follows my HTML code:

<BODY oncontextmenu="return false">
window.returnValue = "I_have_to_get_this_value"
function closeMyPage(){
Click on this button to close the window <INPUT TYPE="button"
VALUE="Close" onClick="closeMyPage()">

and yes... I'm trying to get the "I_have_to_get_this_value".

I think that the easiest thing to do is to add a function in your
JavaScript HTML file, like this:

  function getTheWindowReturnValue() {
    return window.returnValue;

And then you can invoke this function from C++, with the code I showed
in my previous post. This function will just return the
'window.returnValue' that you want.
I did the test and it works fine.

A more elegant approach would be to navigate the DOM object model
using COM to reach the window.returnValue property.
However, it would require more lines of C++ code (all COM stuff,
QueryInterface, Invoke, etc.) and much more complex code than just
adding a simple JavaScript function and calling it with the code I
listed in my previous post.


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