A problem about CHtmlView::Navigate2

=?Utf-8?B?VG9tIExlZQ==?= <Tom.Lee@community.nospam>
Tue, 7 Aug 2007 21:22:01 -0700
I found if I call the CHtmlView::Navigate2 very quickly, it will hang the

I made a tiny MDI application to verify this problem. The CTestHVViewis
derived from CHtmlView.
In the application, I created a timer on CTestHVView::OnInitialUpdate, and
call Navigate2 to a xml file in the OnTimer function.

The application will will hang. From the call stack, it is hanged in

Here is some codes for reference:
class CTestHVView : public CHtmlView
    vector<CString> m_vctFullPath;
    vector<CString>::iterator m_curIter;

void CTestHVView::OnInitialUpdate()

    //Get the XML files full path and put them into a vector.
    TCHAR szPath[MAX_PATH*4];
    ZeroMemory(szPath, MAX_PATH*4);
    GetCurrentDirectory(MAX_PATH*4, szPath);
    CString csDir(szPath);
    csDir += _T("\\XML\\");
    CString csTmp(csDir+_T("*.xml"));

    WIN32_FIND_DATA FindFileData;
    HANDLE hFind;
    hFind = FindFirstFile(csTmp, &FindFileData);
    if (INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE == hFind)

    OutputDebugString(_T("++++++++Use the following XML to test+++++++\n"));
    }while(FindNextFile(hFind, &FindFileData));
    OutputDebugString(_T("++++++++Use the above XML to test+++++++\n"));

    m_curIter = m_vctFullPath.begin();
    this->SetTimer(1, 10, NULL);

void CTestHVView::OnTimer(UINT nIdEvent)
    static int nMax = 1000;
    static int i = 0;
    if (++i > nMax)
        i = 0;
    if (0 == m_vctFullPath.size())
        i = 0;
    if (m_curIter == m_vctFullPath.end())
        m_curIter = m_vctFullPath.begin();
    this->Navigate2(*m_curIter, NULL, NULL);
    CString cs;
    cs.Format(_T("i = %d, Navigate2 %s\n"), i, *m_curIter);

//Use this function to tigger the nvaigate2 again.
void CTestHVView::OnRunAgain()
    SetTimer(1, 10, NULL);

Any comments are very appreciated!

Tom Lee

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