Re: CDhtmlDialog Charset Problem

"David Ching" <>
Sat, 8 Mar 2008 11:00:35 -0800
<> wrote in message


I am using a CDhtmlDialog with a HTML file to show some results in
this dialog.

The HTML file's head portion is given below :-

<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=EUC-JP">

Note the charset mentioned as EUC-JP.

I am using CDhtmlDialog::LoadFromResource() to load this HTML file in
the CDhtmlDialog dialog. LoadFromResource is invoked from
CDhtmlDialog::OnInitDialog(). Thus when the dialog is created the HTML
file is loaded automatically.

After this loading is done, I am writing some dynamic content in the
HTML file's <DIV> tag (using IHTMLElement::put_innerHTML), and this
content also gets displayed correctly.

Now the problem is that I am having some buffer in a char* variable
and this buffer is encoded in EUC-JP encoding. I am writing this
buffer in the <DIV> tag as mentioned above. But this EUC-JP encoded
buffer is not displayed correctly in the <DIV> tag.

But if I write some EUC-JP encoded string in the HTML file statically,
then this string is displayed properly since LoadFromResource() helps
in correctly recognising the charset during loading of HTML file as
resource. But if I write EUC-JP encoded string dynamically, then
CDhtmlDialog does not interpret it as EUC-JP and thus displays

Kindly let me know how to solve this issue.


Rajesh, I use the following code to set the text of an element:

BOOL CDHtmlPopupDlg::SetElementText (LPCTSTR pElementName, LPCTSTR pText)
 CComPtr<IHTMLElement> spElementText;
 GetElement(pElementName, &spElementText);
 if ( !spElementText )
  return FALSE;

 // Override
 CComPtr<IHTMLStyle> spStyle;
 ASSERT (spStyle);
 if ( !m_strFontFamily.IsEmpty() )
 if ( !m_strFontSize.IsEmpty() )

 // Change HTML formatting and text
 return SUCCEEDED(spElementText->put_innerHTML (_bstr_t(pText)));

It works for text of 30 languages including Japanese. But the key is that
pText is a wchar_t (UTF-16) string and not a UTF-8 string encoded in EUC-JP.
I think put_innerHTML() requires UTF-16 strings.

-- David

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