Re: IE automation

"Hans-J. Ude" <>
Sat, 13 Dec 2008 01:32:19 +0100
"Alan Carre" <> wrote:

"Hans-J. Ude" <> wrote in message

This is not an MFC related question but maybe somebody here knows an
answer to it. I haven't found a convenient newsgroup and nothing on the
web either.

From an external browser object I know nothing more about it than it's
IHTMLDocument2 interface. The question is: how can I catch the
NavigateComplete event, resp. install/uninstall a handler for that event?
If someone knows a better group or a web resource for that question,
please tell me. This low level COM programming in C++ is really a tough

Here is the list of events you can hook. I'm not sure which one would
correspond to NavigateComplete but maybe you'd have a better idea about
that since you're more familiar with the interface:


DHTML Events:

[event list]

If any of the above events are what you're looking for, then you create
and set a handler for that event using "IHTMLElement2::attachEvent". Your
handler will have to implement the IDispatch interface and, once set, will
recieve notifications as requested.

Not sure if that helps you at all, but that's all MSDN seems to offer on
the subject.

Thanks Alan, I found that too. Unfortunately the event I'm looking for is
not among. I've also tried things with:

 if (SUCCEEDED (pDocument->get_parentWindow(&phtmlWnd2)))

But this try-and-error method leads to nowhere.


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