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Hello experts,
 I am using MS VC 6.0. I've developped a small dialog-based app in
which I display some HTML contents in a CWebBrowser2 object. The HTML
document contains a <form></form> block from which I can get the
user's input using <input>, <textarea> and other tags. Getting the
user's inputs works using get
My problem is I can't set any attribute of any tag using setAttribute
For example,

HRESULT CMyApp::SetHtmlInputTextTag(IHTMLElement *pElement)
 IHTMLInputElement *pInput=NULL;
 BSTR bstrtemp=L"myValue";



 if (!FAILED(hr) && pInput != NULL)
 return hr;

has no effect.

I create a text range and use that to set the Input value:

       CComQIPtr<IHTMLInputElement> pInputElem(pHtmlElement);
       if ( pInputElem )
        // Fill Field Value
        CComPtr<IHTMLTxtRange> pTxtRange;
        pInputElem->createTextRange (&pTxtRange);
        if ( pTxtRange )
         _bstr_t bstrNewText (L"myValue");

-- David

Thank you for the reply David.

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