CHtmlView not displaying anything

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Sat, 7 Mar 2009 04:32:01 -0800
I have created splitter window ,one of the window is of type CFrameWnd which
creates a CHtmlView in it ,so the problem is that whenever Navigate2() (or
Navigate()) is called in OnInitialUpdate() the page is displated ,but if I
call it in any other function (created by me) and which is called from
CFrameWnd window it does not display anything although OnDocumentComplete()
gets called but nothing is displayed.

here is the code:
To Create the view inside CFrameWnd where CBrowserView is CHtmlView derived

BOOL CBrowserFrame::OnCreateClient(LPCREATESTRUCT lpcs,CCreateContext*
    // Create a contextt.
    CCreateContext context;
    pContext = &context;
    // Assign custom view.
    pContext->m_pNewViewClass = RUNTIME_CLASS(CBrowserView);

    // Create the view.
    pview = (CBrowserView *) CreateView(pContext, AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST);
    if (pview ==NULL)
        return FALSE;
   pview->Test(); //Nothing is displayed!!
    // Notify the view.
    SetActiveView(pview, FALSE);
    return CFrameWnd::OnCreateClient(lpcs,pContext);

In the CBrowserView:

void CBrowserView::OnInitialUpdate()
void CBrowserView::OnDocumentComplete(LPCTSTR lpszURL)
void CBrowserView::Test()
And I also want to draw something in this view is it possible using
CClientDC as I am not able to draw anything , and it seems as if the OnDraw()
function of a CHtmlView never gets called?

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