Re: CHtmlView not displaying anything

Ajay <>
Tue, 10 Mar 2009 07:04:49 -0700 (PDT)
On Mar 7, 8:32 am, nexolite <>

I have created splitter window ,one of the window is of type CFrameWnd wh=


creates a CHtmlView in it ,so the problem is that whenever Navigate2() (o=


Navigate()) is called in OnInitialUpdate() the page is displated ,but =

if I

call it in any other function (created by me) and which is called from
CFrameWnd window it does not display anything although OnDocumentComplete=


gets called but nothing is displayed.

void CBrowserView::Test()

Are you saying Test is called and it doesnt show the web page as you
would expect? Are you certain Test is being called(did you put a break
point here?).

And I also want to draw something in this view is it possible using
CClientDC as I am not able to draw anything , and it seems as if the OnDr=


function of a CHtmlView never gets called?

Its not a regular view but it hosts IWebBrowser2 ActiveX control. You
should use its object model to access the functionality that it


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