Re: How to get WebBrowser to release the APP object??

"David Ching" <>
Tue, 05 Sep 2006 16:10:26 GMT
"Tim Ward" <> wrote in message

I've got an SDI application with a CHtmlView.

In the same .exe is an Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol implementation.

In the view's OnInitialUpdate I do the RegisterNameSpace() stuff so that
WebBrowser knows where to find my APP, all of which works fine.

The trouble is that the application won't shut down, and this turns out to
be because AfxOleCanExitApp says it can't exit because there is one object
still in use.

Tracing the calls to construct and destroy my object that implements
IInternetProtocol I observe that a dozen or so such objects are
and all but one of them are immediately destroyed without being used.
I wonder?? - but never mind, that's not the problem.)

The one object that is actually used (from Start() to Read(), all works
appears never to be destroyed, so I'm assuming that this is the one object
that is causing AfxOldCanExitApp to refuse to shut down the application.

How do I get the CHtmlView to release the APP properly so that when
AfxOleCanExitApp is called it'll allow the application to exit?

I've created a MIME filter based on the MSDN "MIMEfilt" sample, and it works
fine. But I just use it in regular IE, not in a MFC app with CHtmlView.
I've no idea what RegisterNameSpace() does.

You may want to try the MIMEFilt sample with your CHtmlView and see if that
works better, if you haven't already. And also try your Mime filter with
normal IE.

-- David

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