Re: Is there a resource load callback in CHtmlView?

"David Ching" <>
Tue, 12 Sep 2006 14:26:18 GMT
"RushManbert" <> wrote in message

I have written an app that uses the CHtmlCtrl (derived from CHtmlView) in a
dialog. I am loading a HTML string into the document. This works just
but the HTML string contains references to resources such as a Cascaded
Sheet, some graphics, etc. For complicated reasons the references to these
resources are not specified as either absolute or relative paths. Instead,
have a lookup mechanism that finds them, based on a separate directory
definition scheme. My problem is that these resources don't get found by
browser control.

Does the CHtmlView, or the underlying control offer any sort of resource
load callback? I'm looking for a virtual method that gets called and
the URL for the resource, and that has a chance to change that URL.

You can override CHtmlView::OnDocumentComplete() and iterate the DOM of your
IHtmlDocument2 and call IHtmlElement::put_innerText to change the text of
each element as appropriate?

-- David

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