Re: CHtmlView w/ActiveX on Vista - Strange Behavior

"David Ching" <>
Mon, 28 Jan 2008 13:43:27 -0800
"DFB" <> wrote in message

I've installed an application on a Windows Vista machine that is an MFC
application, using CHtmlView and a couple of ActiveX controls within the
page being displayed. The problem is that when I run the application, the
ActiveX controls will not activate (displays the 'X' box).

However, if a right-click on the application and "Run as administrator"
the ActiveX controls work fine. And, strangely enough, the controls work
thereafter for non-administrator users. It's like the controls need to be
run once as administrator to "initialize" them for the machine.

Is there some new functionality associated with Vista that is causing this
behavior? (I don't see this behavior on Windows XP or 2003.) If so, is
a way I can make sure this initialization process runs during the
installation? Is there some additional registry entries, perhaps, for COM
registration that are new to Vista?

The ActiveX controls need to be registered, which requires access to HKLM
registry, which is only available to elevated (Admin) apps. But I didn't
know the controls were registered when the app was run; I thought they
needed to be registered when the app was installed (the installer needs to
run as Admin).

So I would register the controls from your app installer. Perhaps an
alternative is to use "Reg free COM". I think it works well for your app.
Check it out!

-- David

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