Re: CHtmlView - disabling keyboard control functions

"David Ching" <>
Wed, 13 Feb 2008 17:34:48 GMT
"JWF" <> wrote in message

Hello all,

I am using the CHtmlView to host a web application within my MFC
application. I wish to disable all navigation (via the keyboard and
menu) functionality. I want all navigation to be handled only by the web
application. I don't want the user to be able to hit he backspace key,
alt-left arrow, etc... to navigate back and forward. The web application
is being hosted does not handle this well.

I have disabled the context menu easily enough by overriding the virtual
method OnShowContextMenu.

However, I have not been able to figure out a way to disable navigation.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'll share what I did in my CDhtmlDialog app:

HRESULT CDHtmlPopupDlg::TranslateAccelerator(LPMSG lpMsg, const GUID
*pguidCmdGroup, DWORD nCmdID)
 // F5 key refreshes browser contents to initial HTML contents and does not
cause OnDocumentComplete()
 // to be fired... therefore the translated text does not re-appear! Block
F5 key from taking effect.
 if ( (lpMsg->message == WM_KEYDOWN) && (lpMsg->wParam == VK_F5) )
  return S_OK;

 return CDHtmlDialog::TranslateAccelerator(lpMsg, pguidCmdGroup, nCmdID);

BOOL CDHtmlPopupDlg::OnInitDialog()

// Disable features of the web browser that are inappropriate when embedded
into our application

 // Embedded HTML will not allow text to be selected
 // Will use XP themes
 // No scrollbars
 // Links opened in external window
 info.cbSize = sizeof(info);
 GetHostInfo (&info);
windows to open in Win2K/IE5; // DOCHOSTUIFLAG_DIALOG !!!! must enable
selection so OnHtmlDragStart() is called!

 // Don't allow user to drop shortcut onto this window and have the browser
navigate to show that web site

-- David

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