Re: STL container again :)

"John Carson" <>
Sun, 12 Nov 2006 20:19:36 +1100
"Jacky Luk" <> wrote in message

I eventually get hold to some reading materials.
I went over it with a quick skim...
I need to store a key value and a data value
This is what the map is for.
However, I need fast random access and what vector is for
I need to store the API addresses and its API names because I need to
build a DIY disassembler for my own convenience.
Key Value
0x401230 _printf
0x401240 _getc

The Keys and values are added to the container at the start of the
program. Then I disassemble the function in a file, when I
run into 0x401230, it needs to retrieve _printf....
Hope you understand

Is there a question here?

The fast random access offered by a vector is for "keys" of 0,1,2,...

Since you don't have that type of key, the fast random access offered by a
vector is not relevant.

A map is generally "fast enough". If not, you can see if a hash table is any
better. This is offered as an extension in the Dinkumware library that ships
with VC++. Hash tables are particularly useful when the number of entries is
large. See hash_map.

There is not much point in endlessly debating the merits of different
containers. Just try them and see what works best. Containers have been
designed to offer a similar interface, so swapping from one container type
to another shouldn't be much trouble.

John Carson

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