Re: Reentrancy issue

"David Ching" <>
Fri, 1 Feb 2008 10:30:43 -0800
"Doug Harrison [MVP]" <> wrote in message

Do you *really* want to talk about this?


I'm not going to further rehash what I've already written about in depth.


OK, but again, I don't care that you think someone's a hypocrite or what
you think the thread "is about".

"How to treat colleagues" is your hobby horse of the moment. It's not
relevant to the discussion I've been trying to have with you.

These are the sorts of things *I*
think people should be focusing on, not your interminable arguing about
silliness such as "relative naivet9" and whether or not someone's a
hypocrite, which you have just tried to establish at even greater length
than before. I told you before, I'm not interested in that. At all.

Well Doug, it appears you want to discuss one thing, and I another.
Different life goals and all that. Nothing I said indicated I wanted to
have a discussion with you about these rigorous arguments which are of
academic interest to me only. So go ahead, have your discussion. Just not
with me. I put out my ideas, and if others want to follow them, they will,
and if they want to follow yours, they will.

I'm surprised you didn't learn that I am uninterested in a lot of what you
say from the previous thread. Oh, "previous thread"... that was the first
one you mentioned here about not seeing the forest from the trees and all
that you yawn about.

Moreover, I am not interested in discussing anything with you, if what that
means is I have to repeat my ideas and the ideas of others presented in the
thread because you can't be bothered to read them. I've never heard of
anyone else who would presume to discuss something without reading
everyone's comments, but that we differ in that is not surprising in the

-- David

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