Re: Standard C++ Library

"Tom Serface" <>
Tue, 1 Apr 2008 22:19:51 -0700
One thing worth noting in C++ is that there is very little in the "core",
but it comes with a ton of stuff. This is especially true of the Microsoft
version that comes with the Windows SDK and MFC. Lots of the sorts of
things you mention here are also available in STL and there are certainly a
ton of "free" downloadable extension libraries available. I don't think
there is a one for once comparison, but most of the things you'd need in any
language are certainly in C++ which is why it is so sustainable.


"June Lee" <> wrote in message

is it true that Standard C++ Library is pretty much include functions
similar to the following java packages???

It seem to me the Standard C++ Library have headers to mainipulate
string / characters, doing I/O, and data structure like Stack, Queue,
HashMap, Vector, time, bitwise operation, exception, iterator on a
collection ... etc

which pretty similar to above "very core" java package

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