Re: C++ Programmer's Goldmine is on line now:

"Tom Serface" <>
Sat, 17 Jan 2009 09:43:18 -0800
I've never been able to create a desktop application for Windows using Java
that I thought looked and worked like a native Windows app and now with .NET
there's no reason to try any longer. We do use Java on Macintosh since the
Apple JRE seems to generate nice Mac looking interface.


"pgadmin" <pgadmin@pg.invalid> wrote in message

Take a look at Java. It works just fine, down to threads, events,
GUI, automatic garbage collection and quite a few other things,
including extensive collection of Collections, such as lists,
maps, hash maps, trees, sets, etc. All built into language.
You don't have to move your finger to have a nice, well written
collection for most of your data handling needs.

Works and tested. Verified enough to make such a statement.

They have an interesting concept of layout managers.
There are several of those and there are 3rd party free
managers, as powerful, as it gets.

For example the Gridbag Layout allows you to resize the
frames, maintaining the selected aspect ratios. So, you
can scale any of your Frames (Dialogs) to any size,
including the maximization to full screen, and all the
components (buttons, labels, text fields, etc.) will
maintain their sane proportions.

If you create a separate thread for a frame, then you
can have as many dialogs open SIMULTANEOUSLY while some
process is running, and you can update any of them
and cut and paste from one to another.

The stuff you are talking about isn't even an issue
as far as Java goes.

Plus it does run on all popular platforms, and it IS
binary compatible. The same class files run on Windows,
Linux, Unix, Apple and a few other platforms. As long
as you have a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for your platform,
everything is going to run fine. Sure, you have to know
what you are doing and write your code in such a way,
that you don't get into subtle cross-platform problems
or version dependencies.

For example, NewsMaestro, used to generate the Goldmine
sites is verified to run on ANY version of JVM going
back 10 years, and it is verified on Windows, Linux
and 4 Unix flavors. That covers over 90% of what is
out there.

You have JavaGoldmine. It has PLENTY of articles that
would make your jaw drop, seeing all the subtelties
and solutions to just about ANY problem or issue,
you can think of.

You see, Goldmine is just that, a goldmine.
But it is not a bank for jerks, who click on some
button and spend less than a minutes. Those usually
go back to chasing things all over the Internet
and reading TONS of garbage on teh way, and that
is good. Because they do deserve all that suffering.
Until they realize what and who they are.

Meanwile, enjoy the trip and don't forget to be nice.

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