Re: Incorrect module thread state retunred inside a keyboardproc

"David Ching" <>
Fri, 4 Jan 2008 06:17:12 -0800
"Venkatesh" <> wrote in message

Hi All,
I am a facing problem in getting the correct module thread state
inside a keyboardproc installed for WH_KEYBOARD hook. Here you go: I
have an activex control converted from MFC exe project. This MFC(?)
project contains a lot of legacy code which were written using
callback functions and hooks before MFC came to picture; In one of the
screens, I have a combo box; when I try to get the dropdown list from
the combo box, it installs a WH_KEYBOARD hook and also saves the
pointer of the parent window to a file level static member. While
leaving the list by pressing tab, the hook gives the parent window a
chance to handle the keydown message which in turn delete some
internally associated windows. Now, here is the problem: I am getting
an assertion failure at
Code Block
pMap = afxMapHWND();
        ENSURE(pMap != NULL);

I found at the following lines that it is returning the invalid thread

Code Block

CHandleMap* PASCAL afxMapHWND(BOOL bCreate)
   AFX_MODULE_THREAD_STATE* pState = AfxGetModuleThreadState(); //
Invalid thread state

Is there a way to get the valid thread state at KeyBoardProc itself.
The hook and the screen mentioned here reside in an extension dll.

It works fine if I call the next hook procedure (CallNextHookEx)
instead of giving it to the parent window (Ofcourse, parent window
gets a chance to handle the keydown message) but I want to know the
way to get valid thread state inside KeyBoardProc.

Are you statically linking MFC into your hook DLL? I hope so because if
not, you will be loading the runtime DLL's into the app you are hooking.
Hook DLL's should be as lightweight as possible. You may even want to not
use MFC in them. But I have used statically-linked MFC with no ill effect
in hook DLL's.

If MFC is statically linked, you need to call

  AFX_MANAGE_STATE (AfxGetStaticModuleState());

in each entry point of your hook DLL (i.e. the KeyboardProc).

-- David

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