Re: CToolTipCtrl & Property Pages

Pavel Pokutnev <>
Tue, 3 Nov 2009 09:12:02 -0800 (PST)
On 3 Nov., 17:07, "Matt Houser" <> wrote:

It appears that PreTranslateMessage is not called for property pages
(CPropertyPageEx) in Wizards.

Where should CToolTipCtrl::RelayEvent() be called instead to make tooltips


If you use your Property Pages in modeless mode, than you need to do a
HOOK. The PreTranslateMessage() doesn't work in this scenario.

  HHOOK i_hHook = NULL;
  YourPropertySheet* i_PropSheet = NULL;

// Hook procedure for WH_GETMESSAGE hook type.
LRESULT CALLBACK hook_GetMessageProc(int nCode, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM
  // Switch the module state for the correct handle to be used.

  // If this is a keystrokes message, translate it in controls'
  // PreTranslateMessage().
  LPMSG lpMsg = (LPMSG) lParam;
  if( (nCode >= 0) &&
     PM_REMOVE == wParam &&
     //(lpMsg->message >= WM_KEYFIRST && lpMsg->message <= WM_KEYLAST)
     i_PropSheet &&
     i_PropSheet->PreTranslateMessage((LPMSG)lParam) )
    // The value returned from this hookproc is ignored, and it
    // be used to tell Windows the message has been handled. To avoid
    // further processing, convert the message to WM_NULL before
    // returning.
    lpMsg->message = WM_NULL;
    lpMsg->lParam = 0L;
    lpMsg->wParam = 0;
  // Passes the hook information to the next hook procedure in
  // the current hook chain.
  return ::CallNextHookEx(i_hHook, nCode, wParam, lParam);

// --------------------
  BOOL bResult = CPropertySheet::OnInitDialog();

  i_PropSheet = this;
  // Install the WH_GETMESSAGE hook function.
  i_hHook = ::SetWindowsHookEx(WH_GETMESSAGE,
  return bResult;

// --------------------
  // Uninstall the WH_GETMESSAGE hook function.

// --------------------
BOOL YourPropertySheet::PreTranslateMessage(MSG* pMsg)
  YourPropertyPage* pActPage = static_cast<YourPropertyPage*>
  if (pActPage)

  return CPropertySheet::PreTranslateMessage(pMsg);

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