Re: CFileDialog filter for files without extension

Hector Santos <>
Sat, 15 May 2010 00:37:49 -0400
Mikel wrote:

I need to open a CFileDialog so the user can open a file, and I would
like the dialog to only show files without extension. Can it be done?
I've tried "My kind of file (*)|*|All files (*.*)|*.*||" and "My kind
of file (*.)|*.|All files (*.*)|*.*||" with no luck. The first one
shows all the files (as I had expected) and the second one shows none.

Any ideas?

Do you don't want directories? or the ability to switch? Just a
selection for a particular folder?

Anyway, for our product we have a vast implementation of all various
kinds of Open/Save File/Directory displays.

In some we don't want directories shown, and others we just want
directories, etc, or we have a virtual display where the file elements
are not local but coming from an virtual channel (RPC server). Like
our web server configuration getting a listing of SSL Certificates
from a remote RPC Server storage.

The Open File/Save File has the OPENFILENAME element (m_ofn) that you
can use to highly customize the display.

If you use a template, then you separate the three things:

    Filename LISTBOX towards the right
    Directory TreeView towards the left
    Drive Combobox towards the bottom

This is the same as the NON-EXPLORER NT style display but with our own
template, you can layout it anyway you want, you can hide the
directory and drive controls so they user only sees the file listbox.

However, as far as I am aware, although there is a notification for
items that will get listed, you can't exclude files and directories,
at least we never figured it out.

See the CDN_INCLUDEITEM notification message which is used with the
m_ofn.lpfnHook callback notification, for example:

   CFileDialog fd(TRUE);

   fd.m_ofn.Flags |= OFN_ENABLEHOOK;
   fd.m_ofn.lpfnHook = FileDialogHook;

In the FileDialogHook(), you have something like this:

        HWND hdlg,
        UINT uiMsg,
        WPARAM wParam,
        LPARAM lParam)
     if (uiMsg == WM_NOTIFY && lParam) {
         OFNOTIFYEX *nex = (OFNOTIFYEX *)lParam;
         if (nex->hdr.code == CDN_INCLUDEITEM) {
            // see docs to use lParam with the IShellFolder object
     return 0;

You can then get a notification for each item that is going to be
displayed and even though the docs return 0 to exclude the item,
return non-zero to include the item, in reality it always includes
files and directories. In fact, the MSDN note for CDN_INCLUDEITEM says:


   The dialog box always includes items that have both the
   of the value returned by CDN_INCLUDEITEM.

So that probably explained why we never got it to filter right.

So for these special cases, we found it easier to just create your own
Dialog with a Listbox etc, and use a FindFirstFile(), FindFirstNext()
to do exactly what you want.

So create a dialog box that "looks" like Explorer or just have a
selection list box (m_lbox), and in the InitDialog() for the dialog,
do a directory scan and AddString to the listbox:

    WIN32_FIND_DATA fd = {0};
    HANDLE fh = FindFirstFile("*.",&fd);
    if (fh != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) {
        do {
          if (fd.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) continue;

          // WE GOT A NON-DIRECTORY *. FILE!


        } while (FindNextFile(fh,&fd));

That works very well and you have full control :)


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