RE: Simple question!

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Sat, 8 Jul 2006 23:36:01 -0700

I didn't think my post would cause such a stir for a "goto" command!

Don't you all worry guys, I am using plenty of classes, methods, inline
functions, inheritance and pointers to all sorts of objects and trying to
keep it all as organized and dandy as I can... and YES I agree too that using
"goto" is not the best way of structuring your logic!



In this rare situation, I found that if, say my counter block recieves a
signal to reset, well, then in this particular case, it is so simple to just
say, if someone has requested a reset, then call a method, and upon return
from this method, just skip everything and go to the end of this function.
Its clean, simple, direct, and works, and above all, easy to understand.

However, in my humble opinion, if one starts to use goto's all over the
place in a function where the goto statements order many paths of logic in
that same function, then this is disastrous and goto should not be used....
Is there a place in this world for "goto"

Yes, however, just use it wisely!

Merely just my opinion, but rest assure, if goto starts clutering my code...
well out it goes!


May I wish you all a nice day and many thankyou's for all your posts!

Kind regards

"Robby" wrote:


Hope you are all having a nice day!

My question is of the most simplest nature, as I may ask to be excused! but
....... I just can't seem to see it!

It's been two hours... and I sort of feel like I am wasting my time... so if
I may politetly post it!

Please consider the following *simple* snippet of code:

void A_TMR::setTMR( int iTimerID, int iMilliSeconds, int iTmrPulse,
                  int iFB_TimerID, int iFB_MilliSeconds, bool bFB_TmrPulse,
        int iCF1, int iCF2, int iCF3, HWND hwnd, IO *io)

int i_TimerID;
int i_FB_MilliSeconds;

//Declare pulse variables
static bPulseT1;
static bPulseT2;
static bPulseT3;
bool bSetTmrPulse;
bool bSkip = false;

...other code... but currently commented out!

if(bSkip) //The tmr pulse is not a rising edge, so skip everything
     goto SKIP;

...other code... but currently commented out!

if (bSkip) //The timer is still busy with previous timing, so skip all
    goto SKIP;



The following error points to the last line of my code:

c:\_DTS_PROGRAMMING\C_PROGRAMMING\vc++\MY_APPS_LAB\XPPLC\WndProc_ClassMethods.h(1078): error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before '}'

I am embarrased to post such a question, but all "goto" examples of my books
show samples as above!

Can please someone help me resolve this pittyfull question!

My deepest thankyou's to all!

Best regards

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