Re: Inheritance and MFC - Completed

"Nobody" <>
Thu, 5 Jul 2007 01:38:55 -0700

I finally figured it out. =
I am creating a control, which contains a control.
I wasn't sure how to go about creating a control and was just doing =
basic things.
SomeClass::OnMouseMove(int x, int y)
    MyControl.OnMouseMove(x, y);
SomeClass::OnDraw(CDC* pDC)
That worked just fine, Until I wanted to add a scrollbar to my control.
I considered it a control, but in reality it wasn't a control, but just =
an object.

I couldn't quite figure out how to make the object independent and turn =
it into a control.
What I needed to do was register a window class in order to receive =
messages be able
to create the scrollbar control.
That, plus I would not need the OnDraw() or OnMouseMove() outside the =

This is what I am doing. (It's basically in the link, except for the =
CGridSB : public CGrid, CWnd
    CScrollbar bar;
    bar.Create(this....) //works now because this class is registered to =
receive messages.

MessageMap Warnings
warning C4407: cast between different pointer to member representations, =
compiler may generate incorrect code

CGridSB : public CWnd, CGrid //Fixes the warning and error

I had to remove the CGrid: public CObject like David said.


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