Re: Problem with multiple inheritance

No_Name <>
Tue, 24 Feb 2009 17:08:24 +0100
AliR (VC++ MVP) a couch? sur son ?cran :

Things don't quite add up.

If InheritFromC is only in AB and ABC then how can you call it on a A *
object in your MyFunction without any casts?

Have you tried dynamic type casting? That might eliminate your problem. (you
have to turn on the RTTI compiler settings)

void MyFunction(A *myObject)
    C *mySecondObject = dynamic_cast<C*>(myObject);

    if (myObject != NULL)


You're right, I didn't specified that class A has InheritsFromC()
function too (in fact, it's a pure virtual function).

For the moment, when I try dynamic cast, I get a strabge behaviour from
Windows CE, as my program hangs but does not crash ...

I'll be looking in my project settings to know how I can turn on RTTI
settings ... (I never used that).

I thought multiple inheritance from A and C classes would allow me to
manage my object as if it was a A object or a C object ...

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