Re: Moving to VisualStudio 2008

"David Ching" <>
Tue, 10 Mar 2009 07:39:27 -0700
"Ajay" <> wrote in message

VC6, for all its strengths, had a poor debugger even prior to Vista. At
least its remote debugging was poor. But I believe it is possible to use
VC6 on Vista to build and develop the app, then debug it using VC2005 or

Sounds like someone really wants to avoid the new IDEs :-). .. Looks
like AnthonyW has been able to use it on Vista.

Just a week ago I was using the AMSEdit series of masked edit controls from
CodeProject which had not been updated from VC6. They would not build with
VC2005 or 2008. The compiler errors were not easy to figure out how to
change the source code; in fact several people had tried and given up, due
to the, errr.... uncommon multiple inheritance the class was using. So I
was faced with either using VC6 or struggling through the conversion. It
took me a half a day but I finally converted (and posted the changes to
CodeProject). But I can easily see how converting to VC 2005/2008 is

-- David

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