Re: Gray out a system tray menu entry.

TonyG <>
Tue, 10 Jun 2008 13:51:42 -0500
Your suggestions don't help me.

Years ago I picked up a system tray helper class from somewhere. I've used it in a bunch of programs
and enhanced it a couple of times. I'd rather modify the existing class then switch to a different
class. In this case I want to be able to include a grayed out menu item.

The class is actually two classes. The base class I just link in. I then instantiate the inherited
class and make some modifications in the inherited class and everything works.

The class does NOT use MFC command routing. Instead I believe it creates a window and uses the
WindowProc shown below. If the message is a certain type it calls OnTrayNotification which is also
shown below. Within OnTrayNotification is a call to CustomizeMenu which clears the menu and then
calls ::AppendMenu a bunch of times to add menu entries. I have tried setting the flags in
::AppendMenu to make a grayed out entry, but the system seems to ignore the gray out flag and makes
the menu entry full function.

Is there some other method or place where I can tell the system to gray out a system tray menu entry?

// This is the global (static) callback function for all TrayIcon windows
LRESULT PASCAL ZPsiSystemTray::WindowProc(HWND hWnd, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
     // The option here is to maintain a list of all TrayIcon windows,
     // and iterate through them. If you do this, remove these 3 lines.
     ZPsiSystemTray* pTrayIcon = m_pThis;
     if (pTrayIcon->GetSafeHwnd() != hWnd)
         return ::DefWindowProc(hWnd, message, wParam, lParam);

     // If maintaining a list of TrayIcon windows, then the following...
     // pTrayIcon = GetFirstTrayIcon()
     // while (pTrayIcon != NULL)
     // {
     // if (pTrayIcon->GetSafeHwnd() != hWnd) continue;

           // Taskbar has been recreated - all TrayIcons must process this.
           if (message == ZPsiSystemTray::m_nTaskbarCreatedMsg)
               return pTrayIcon->OnTaskbarCreated(wParam, lParam);

           // Animation timer
           if (message == WM_TIMER && wParam == pTrayIcon->GetTimerID())
               return pTrayIcon->OnTimer(wParam);

           // Settings changed
           if (message == WM_SETTINGCHANGE && wParam == pTrayIcon->GetTimerID())
               return pTrayIcon->OnSettingChange(wParam, (LPCTSTR) lParam);

           // Is the message from the icon for this TrayIcon?
           if (message == pTrayIcon->GetCallbackMessage())
               return pTrayIcon->OnTrayNotification(wParam, lParam);

     // pTrayIcon = GetNextTrayIcon();
     // }

     // Message has not been processed, so default.
     return ::DefWindowProc(hWnd, message, wParam, lParam);


LRESULT ZPsiSystemTray::OnTrayNotification(UINT wParam, LONG lParam)
    //Return quickly if its not for this tray icon
    if (wParam != m_tnd.uID)
       return 0L;

    HWND hTargetWnd = GetTargetWnd();
    if (!hTargetWnd)
       return 0L;

    // Clicking with right button brings up a context menu
#if defined(_WIN32_WCE) //&& _WIN32_WCE < 211
    BOOL bAltPressed = ((GetKeyState(VK_MENU) & (1 << (sizeof(SHORT)*8-1))) != 0);
    if (LOWORD(lParam) == WM_LBUTTONUP && bAltPressed)
    if (LOWORD(lParam) == WM_RBUTTONUP)
       HMENU hMenu = ::LoadMenu(m_hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(m_tnd.uID));
       if (!hMenu)
          return 0;

       HMENU hSubMenu = ::GetSubMenu(hMenu, 0);
       if (!hSubMenu)
          ::DestroyMenu(hMenu); //Be sure to Destroy Menu Before Returning
          return 0;

       // customize the menu
       // check if the menu should be displayed
       // true = indicataes normal processing
       // false = menu is not displayed or activated
       // this allows the host to shut down the menu if desired
       if (true == CustomizeMenu(hSubMenu))
#ifndef _WIN32_WCE
          // Make chosen menu item the default (bold font)
          ::SetMenuDefaultItem(hSubMenu, m_DefaultMenuItemID, m_DefaultMenuItemByPos);

          // Display and track the popup menu
          POINT pos;
#ifdef _WIN32_WCE
          DWORD messagepos = ::GetMessagePos();
       pos.x = GET_X_LPARAM(messagepos);
     pos.y = GET_Y_LPARAM(messagepos);


          ::TrackPopupMenu(hSubMenu, 0, pos.x, pos.y, 0, hTargetWnd, NULL);

          // Required. Read manual page for TrackPopupMenu for details.
          ::PostMessage(m_tnd.hWnd, WM_NULL, 0, 0);

       // destroy the menu

#if defined(_WIN32_WCE) //&& _WIN32_WCE < 211
    if (LOWORD(lParam) == WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK && bAltPressed)
    else if (LOWORD(lParam) == WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK)
       // double click received, the default action is to execute default menu item

       UINT uItem;
       if (m_DefaultMenuItemByPos)
          HMENU hMenu = ::LoadMenu(m_hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(m_tnd.uID));
          if (!hMenu)
             return 0;

          HMENU hSubMenu = ::GetSubMenu(hMenu, 0);
          if (!hSubMenu)
             return 0;
          uItem = ::GetMenuItemID(hSubMenu, m_DefaultMenuItemID);

          uItem = m_DefaultMenuItemID;

       ::PostMessage(hTargetWnd, WM_COMMAND, uItem, 0);

    return 1;

Ajay Kalra wrote:

On Jun 10, 12:20 am, TonyG <> wrote:

Where do I use EnableMenuItem? I placed it near my AppendMenu and it didn't work. It is as if the
system is enabling all menu items.

How can I make this work?

Ajay Kalra wrote:

Use EnableMenuItem to enable/disable the menu item.
"TonyG" <> wrote in message

How do I gray out an entry in a system tray menu?
When I call ::append menu I have tried to set MF_GRAYED and it didn't
work. Can I make an entry gray? Perhaps is there some message I should
trap in my WindowProc?
Is there something else I should do?

If this menu is part of MFC's command routing, you will need to use
ON_UPDATE_COMMAN_UI mecahism as shown by AliR, otherwise
EnableMenuItem should work. Please show your code if its not working.


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