Re: WinHelp and HELPINFO and Toolbar buttons

"L.Allan" <>
Sat, 20 Dec 2008 14:27:50 -0700
My understanding is that the framework handles getting Hover ToolTip hints
to show up from a ToolBar, but not WinHelp.

The situation is that the end-user has clicked on the "What's This ?-Mark"
and then one of the button within one of the four ToolBars. The following
handler has been reached, but the ctrlId and hItem are the same for all of
the buttons in the ToolBar. I'm trying to decipher what code to use for the
call to WinHelp

void CMainFrame::OnHelpInfo(HELPINFO* pHelpInfo)
  LONG32 contextType = pHelpInfo->iContextType;
  LONG32 ctrlId = pHelpInfo->iCtrlId;
  HANDLE hItem = pHelpInfo->hItemHandle;
  DWORD contextId = (DWORD)pHelpInfo->dwContextId;
  SHORT keyStateF1= ::GetKeyState(VK_F1);
  SHORT keyStateShift = ::GetKeyState(VK_SHIFT);
  hItem; // just to keep compiler from complaining

  if ((contextType == HELPINFO_WINDOW)
   && (keyStateF1 < 0)
   && (keyStateShift >= 0)) { //User Pressed F1 in dialog, Show Full Help
  if (contextType == HELPINFO_MENUITEM) {
    if (contextId == 0) {
       contextId = ctrlId;
    contextId += HELP_ADD_FACTOR;
  AfxGetApp()->WinHelp(contextId, HELP_CONTEXTPOPUP);

"Jonathan Wood" <> wrote in message

"L.Allan" <> wrote in message

I'm trying to get "What's This ?-Mark" WinHelp to work with buttons in a
ToolBar. I'm unclear how to distinquish which of the buttons was selected
for WinHelp.

The app has 4 ToolBars. The pHelpInfo->iCtrlId has the same value for all
the buttons in a particular ToolBar (59637, 59638, 59639, and 59640)

Is there a call to make to figure out which button was clicked? Do I have
to use the pHelpInfo->MousePos and do some kind of HitTest?

Why do you need this? This is already implemented by the framework, which
determine the command ID of the specified toolbar button. If you have a
help topic associated with that command, it is opened automatically.

Can you clarify what you are trying to do?

One issue: If you have a ribbon bar instead of a regular toolbar, then
this doesn't work. I wrote about this at

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

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