Re: Is this an MFC bug?

"David Webber" <>
Sun, 17 Apr 2011 19:47:42 +0100
From: David Webber

While, clicking with the mouse on a window menu, toolbar button, or in the

view dismisses the context menu, using a keyboard shortcut to a command
doesn't. In particular, not even the Escape key dismisses it.
How do I get rid of the thing without using the mouse?<


In case anyone else suffers from this, let me say that the problem is now

Microsoft's design is that while there's a pop-up context menu, *it* handles
all key presses, doing nothing with most, but dismissing itself when Escape
is pressed.

In my (perhaps overly complicated) app, the focus was getting set on the
view window even if there was a context menu showing, and the view window
was duly responding to all its usual keyboard commands.


In the view's PreTranslateMessage(), check for keyboard messages WM_KEYDOWN,
WM_SYSKEYDOWN, WM_CHAR and check for an active popup menu with

CMFCPopupMenu *pPopupMenu = CMFCPopupMenu::GetActiveMenu();

If this is not NULL pass the message on with

pPopupMenu->SendMessage( msg.message, msg.wParam, msg.lParam );

and return TRUE to avoid further handling by the view.

So far this looks to have done the trick.


David Webber
Mozart Music Software
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The express editions cannot use MFC?

Yes. I believe the MFC components only come with the paid versions.

Does that mean I will not be
able to get my Visual C++ NET 2003 macro recorder project to work
with the express edition?

From what you mentioned about your project, I don't think you'd gain
much benefit from moving it to a newer toolset. If you had plans to
make use of newer C++ standards facilities, then such a move may be
worthwhile, but if you're happy with what you have, why change?


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Subject: Checkboxes not working with CListCtrl tile view
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I need to create a tile view using CListCtrl with checkbox for each
item. I got two issues:

1) The checkboxes are not reponsive (if I don't use tile view,
everything is fine);
2) The whole item got selected / focus when I check the checkbox (I
want it work just like the regular checkboxes --- the item itself not
highlighted / focused).

The following is my source code:

  DWORD exStyle = m_listCtrl.GetExtendedStyle();
  m_ listCtrl.SetExtendedStyle(exStyle | LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES |

  // Title info
  tvi.cbSize = sizeof(tvi);
  tvi.dwMask = LVTVIM_COLUMNS;
  tvi.cLines = 0;
  m_ listCtrl.SetTileViewInfo(&tvi);

  m_ listCtrl.DeleteAllItems();
  int item = 0;

  // Inset list items
  String capName;
  bool bEnabled = false;
  int count = 0;

  HashPosition pos = m_capsHash.GetStartPosition();
  while (!pos.IsNil())
    m_capsHash.GetNextAssoc(pos, capName, bEnabled);

    count = m_ listCtrl.GetItemCount();
    item = m_ listCtrl.InsertItem(count, capName);
    ListView_SetCheckState(m_ listCtrl.m_hWnd, item, bEnabled);

m_ listCtrl.SetView(LV_VIEW_TILE);

Any idea? Thanks in advance=85


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