Re: Fullscreen app?

"Karsten Schulz" <>
Fri, 13 Jun 2008 09:42:58 +0200
Hi Billy,

u go to Fullscreen with DirectX, if u will do it by GDI
u must test this Code, here is the Device propertys
directly changed. Use it Careful :-)

best regards
 Karsten Schulz

#define FULLSCREEN640X480 0x000000ff
#define FULLSCREEN800X600 0x0000ff00
#define FULLSCREEN1024X768 0x00ff0000
#define FULLSCREEN1280X1024 0xff000000
#define FULLSCREEN1600X1200 0xf0000000

  DEVMODE m_original,m_mydev,m_tstdev;

//Eine neue Aufl?sung Erzeugen die alten ScreenDeviceDaten suchen und retten
bool CMessWindow::SetScreenMode(DWORD mode)
  WORD width,height;CRect rc;

  if(m_lastmode == mode)
 return false;

  if(!mode) //width == 0 restauriere das original device


 if(m_original.dmPelsWidth != 0)

  //ALT+TAB freigeben
    UnregisterHotKey(m_hWnd, 100);

  if( m_pParent )

     if( m_pParent )
   m_pParent->SendMessage(WM_SIZING,-1,(LPARAM)&rc); //DynamicTab OnSize
Handler reagiert auf -1!!!



 m_lastmode = mode;//NULL
    return true;

  if( mode == FULLSCREEN640X480)
    if( mode == FULLSCREEN800X600)
      if( mode == FULLSCREEN1024X768)
        if( mode == FULLSCREEN1280X1024)
   if( mode == FULLSCREEN1600X1200)
         return false;

  WORD w,b,h,z,serch=0;
  HDC hdc = ::GetDC(0);

  do //suche und finde das ist/soll grafikdevice modeinfo
   if( !EnumDisplaySettings(0,serch++,&m_tstdev) )

   //erstemal ? dann default speichern
   if(m_original.dmPelsWidth == 0)
     if( m_tstdev.dmPelsWidth == w &&
         m_tstdev.dmPelsHeight == h &&
         m_tstdev.dmBitsPerPel == b )
      memcpy((char *)&m_original,(char *)&m_tstdev,sizeof(DEVMODE));

   m_original.dmDisplayFrequency = z; //Freq separat ?bernehmen

   if( m_tstdev.dmPelsWidth == width &&
    m_tstdev.dmPelsHeight == height &&
       m_tstdev.dmBitsPerPel == b)//es wird nicht die h?chste sondern die
erstbeste Freq ?bernommen
       memcpy((char *)&m_mydev,(char *)&m_tstdev,sizeof(DEVMODE));



  bool stat = (DISP_CHANGE_SUCCESSFUL == ChangeDisplaySettings(&m_mydev,0));

  //ALT+TAB sperren
  RegisterHotKey(m_hWnd,100,MOD_ALT, VK_TAB);

  m_lastmode = mode;


  return stat;


"Billy Zhang" <htinns@noemail.noemail> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

I want to build a fullscreen application that the user could not use any
other application in windows, how to build this application?

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