Re: CListCtrl Checkboxes

"Tom Serface" <>
Sun, 7 Dec 2008 09:38:07 -0800
Hi Dave,

You are right. I also hook this... I should have included more info. I
like to make it so that if more than one item is selected and they check
another it does the same for the others that are selected as well. It's
more work, but I like how that functions. Again, note that I only use
virtual list controls. If you were to use the data in the control you could
just call the controls function. I have code like the following in my
GetDispInfo() function to tell it how to check the boxes after the text
items are filled in while checking (pun intended) for LVIF_TEXT. This may
look like a lot of work, but I've found that it works reliably and once you
have the code you can easily set up future projects with the same idea.

 //Does the list need image information?
 if( pItem->mask & LVIF_IMAGE) {
      //To enable check box, we have to enable state mask...
      pItem->mask |= LVIF_STATE;
      pItem->stateMask = LVIS_STATEIMAGEMASK;

      if(pItem->m_bChecked) {
           //Turn check box on
           pItem->state = INDEXTOSTATEIMAGEMASK(2);
      else {
           //Turn check box off
           pItem->state = INDEXTOSTATEIMAGEMASK(1);

This code handles pressing the space bar (for me).


void CSpanRestoreDlg::OnLvnKeydownList(NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
        *pResult = 0;

         if(pLVKeyDown->wVKey == VK_SPACE ) {
                //Toggle if some item is selected
              if(m_pMyDataArray == NULL)

             UINT uSelectedCount = m_cList.GetSelectedCount();
             // Update all of the selected items.
             if (uSelectedCount > 0) {
                    // Get the checked state from the first selected item
                   int nItem = -1;
                   nItem = m_cList.GetNextItem(nItem, LVNI_SELECTED);
                   CMyDataInfo *pItem = (CMyDataInfo
                   BOOL bChecked = !pItem->m_bChecked;

                   // Start over
                   nItem = -1;
                   m_cList.SetRedraw(false); // Don't update list control
until we are done
                   for (UINT i=0;i < uSelectedCount;i++) {
                           nItem = m_cList.GetNextItem(nItem,
                           pItem = (CMyDataInfo
                           pItem->m_bChecked = bChecked;
                   *pResult = 1;

"David Lowndes" <DavidL@example.invalid> wrote in message

To add to what others have said I'd use:


Hi Tom,

I know Ian said "clicked", but generally people expect the keyboard
operations to work as well.

Surely this won't catch the user pressing space bar to toggle the


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