Re: Current view pointer

"Adrian" <>
7 Sep 2006 07:16:54 -0700
Ajay Kalra wrote:

In an MDI app, you can get to the active view thru the active child frame.
Something like:

CFrameWnd* pActiveFrame = GetActiveFrame();
CView* pActiveView = pActiveFrame->GetActiveView();

Ajay Kalra [MVP - VC++]

"Adrian" <> wrote in message

Hi folks!

I have a control bar in my MDI app. This control bar has a tree control
as a child. I am trying to do this :-

when the used clicks on an item of the tree I want to update a variable
in the currnet view class and would like to redraw the current child
frame's client area. I am using GetActiveView() to get a pointer to the
current view but the function returns NULL. What is wrong? How can get
corrent pointer?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks Ajay, that works.
A little later I found this link too:

its a good article.

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