CustomDrawn ActiveX control on CPropertyPage fails to draw itself

miikka <>
28 May 2007 06:54:56 -0700
I have ATL activeX control (customdrawn syslistview32 control) on the
MFC PropertyPage dialog. This ActiveX control works in normal ATL/MFC
dialogs without problem, but on PropertyPage it doesn't draw itself.

I debugged this and noticed that my ActiveX control gets only the
CustomDraw notify with CDDS_PREPAINT draw stage.

What might be the problem here?

Here is the controls OnCustomDraw handler:

LRESULT CListViewEx::OnCustomDraw( int idCtrl, LPNMHDR pnmh, BOOL&
bHandled )
  NMCUSTOMDRAW oCustomDraw = poLVCustomDraw->nmcd;
  CListViewExRow* poRow;
  CRect oRect;

    return 0;

  if( oCustomDraw.dwDrawStage == CDDS_PREPAINT )
  else if( oCustomDraw.dwDrawStage == CDDS_ITEMPREPAINT )
  else if( oCustomDraw.dwDrawStage == (CDDS_ITEMPREPAINT|
    poRow = GetRow( (long)oCustomDraw.dwItemSpec );

    if( poRow )
      poRow->DrawItem( oCustomDraw.hdc, poLVCustomDraw->iSubItem,
(long)oCustomDraw.dwItemSpec );

  else if( oCustomDraw.dwDrawStage == CDDS_ITEMPOSTPAINT )
    if( oCustomDraw.uItemState & CDIS_FOCUS )
      moListView.GetItemRect( (long)oCustomDraw.dwItemSpec, &oRect,
      DrawFocusRect( oCustomDraw.hdc, &oRect );



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