Re: Inheritance and MFC

"Nobody" <>
Tue, 3 Jul 2007 22:41:53 -0700
Hi Tom,

Actually, it is a different kind of Grid.
Not Grid Excel type, but Grid XY Coordinates type.

By the looks of things, I suppose I can't seperate the Grid from MFC.

Thanks anyways,
"Tom Serface" <> wrote in message =

Hi Nobody,
To create a control, like a grid control, you'll likely want to start =


something similar that is already derived from a CWnd and has some of =


properties you want to use. Perhaps something like this:
"Nobody" <> wrote in message
Hi Tom,

You didn't post any of the code from your grid object,

I posted what was relevant.

if it is a control or displays anything I'll be it is already derived =


or contains a CWnd at some point.

It does not.

Is this an object you created...

I guess that is what I am doing.
I am trying to create a control.
It is a control, but does not contain any controls.
I am trying to add controls to my control. i.e. Scrollbars
I noticed that the more I use the grid object, the more I have to keep =

adding scroll bars for pan, zoom, etc.
So, my idea was to make a CWnd GridSB Class that implements =


That class inherits from the Grid CObject class.
Then, I can leave the scroll bars inside of the CGrid Object, instead =


Creating scroll bars each time.
This is basically what I have.
CGrid : public CObject
  //Bunch of stuff
CGridSB: public CGrid, public CWnd
   CScrollbar sb;
   SetScreenRect(){ PositionScrollbars(); }
   CGridSB sb;

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