Re: Controls - Not receiving key messages ON_WM_KEYDOWN

"Nobody" <>
Wed, 11 Jul 2007 15:22:49 -0700
Hi Tom,

If you click on the control (thus causing a WM_KEYDOWN message, the =


should get the focus at that point if it is not disabled.

It doesn't work like that.

See this Subclassed Edit Control. Look for PopupEdit::Show()
You can see that it uses SetFocus() to get keyboard messsages.
( I always thought SetFocus had to do with something else, but that is =
actually what reroutes keyboad messages.)

I know I have to call SetFocus() inside my control somewhere.
I just don't know where right now. I tried it in OnShowWindow()...
It doesn't complain or break, the program just shuts down with a ton of =
memory leaks.
So, I am thinking that must not be the place.

It works if I put it in OnMouseMove(), or OnLButtonDown(), but that is =
not the right place for it.
So, I almost got it!

What I am thinking about, which I don't quite understand just yet, is =
when OnInitDialog() or OnInitalUpdate() is called.
It must be happening after the parent window is shown, but prior to =
child window being displayed.
There is no OnInitDialog() or OnInitialUpdate() in CWnd, so I am on my =
own in developing something similar.

"Tom Serface" <> wrote in message =

Hi Nobody,
"Nobody" <> wrote in message
Almost there.
I think it has something to do with SetFocus(). I guess that reroutes
keyboard messages.
I have an overriden OnSetFocus() in my view, so I added the SetFocus() =

void CMyView::OnSetFocus(CWnd* pOldWnd)
That works.
But, it is not the kind of functionality that I want.
The user does not have to do that to a Scrollbar or edit control.
The keyboard just automatically works.
That is what I am trying to do.
I don't have a OnInitialize, or OnInitDlg in my Control.
I don't know exactly how that works.
It is called after the parent window is shown, but prior to the child =


being shown.
I tried adding SetFocus to the WM_SHOWWINDOW method, but that fails =



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