Re: CStatusBar

jc <>
Thu, 6 Dec 2007 06:38:26 -0800 (PST)
thanks your suggestion solved the problem i think
i created a message function which will called the UpdateStatusBar
function and my worker thread did a PostMessage from that function.

now the debug mode doesn't crash. i have to create a release output
and move to a lab pc and test my code over there

thanks everybody for your help

On Dec 6, 12:24 am, "Tom Serface" <> wrote:

Are you attempting to update the status bar in the main GUI thread from a
worker thread? If so, I'd do it by sending a message to the GUI thread
(most likely handled in the mainframe) telling it to update the status bar.
You get into all kinds of trouble when you try to call GUI code in the main
thread from "other threads".

I would use PostMessage() from the worker thread to send messages to update
the status bar.


"jc" <> wrote in message


i'm writing a Data acquisition software. when i start the recording i
wanted to show the elapsed time in the status bar and once the
recording is stopped, the status bar should show "Rec Stopped"

My code is as follows

static UINT BASED_CODE indicators[] ={
ID_SEPARATOR, // status line indicator



int CParentFrame::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCS){
//if(CMDIFrameWnd::OnCreate(lpCS) == -1) return -1;
if(CreateAndDockToolBar() == -1) return -1;
m_pMenu = new CMenu();
size_t sizeIndicator;
sizeIndicator = sizeof(indicators);
//m_wndToolBar = new CToolBar();

if (!m_wndStatusBar.Create(this) ||!
m_wndStatusBar.SetIndicators(indicators, sizeof(indicators)/
TRACE0("Failed to create status bar\n");
return -1; // fail to create

//CStatusBarCtrl &m_csb = m_wndStatusBar.GetStatusBarCtrl();
if(CMDITabFrameWnd::CreateTabs() == -1)
return -1;

UINT nID, nStyle;
int cxWidth;
int nIndex = m_wndStatusBar.CommandToIndex(ID_STATUS_BAR_SAVE);
m_wndStatusBar.GetPaneInfo(nIndex, nID, nStyle, cxWidth);
m_wndStatusBar.SetPaneInfo(nIndex, nID, nStyle | SBT_OWNERDRAW,

return 0;

void CParentFrame::UpdateStatusBarText(jcStr *ptrText){
UINT uiPane;
UINT uiStyle;
int uiWidth;
CRect rectPane;

int nIndex = m_wndStatusBar.CommandToIndex(IDS_STATUS_MEASURE); //the
program crash in debug
                                                       //right here
or any way i used m_wndStatusBar

m_wndStatusBar.GetPaneInfo(nIndex, uiPane, uiStyle, uiWidth);

pDC = m_wndStatusBar.GetDC();
pDC->DrawText(_T(ptrText->ReturnStr()), -1, rectPane, DT_CALCRECT);
m_wndStatusBar.SetPaneInfo(nIndex, uiPane, uiStyle,
m_wndStatusBar.SetPaneText(nIndex, ptrText->ReturnStr());

where jcStr is an object similar to CString

i created a thread which updates the string pointer every 1 second and
calls the above function to update the status bar.

also when i ran the same application on a different computer(the
release mode) then status bar would not show the elapsed time, while
it shows the same in my computer

please point me in the right direction


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