Re: windowless ActiveX control are not supported, What Can i do?

Fri, 11 Jul 2008 04:22:06 -0700 (PDT)
in vista? if so, maybe for DEP.

On 6=A4=EB27=A4=E9, =A4=C8=AB=E18:34, "netboy" <> wrote:

i write a Activex Control use MFC (VC6.0/VS2005). This Control is right,
when it run with VB6.0. on the other hand,it can run with Activex control
test container. But, when i use this control in vs2005(vb),Design time is
ok, Run time has error report: "An error occurred creating the form. See
Exception.InnerException for details. The error is: Unable to get the
window handle for the 'AxAutoVXCtrl' control. Windowless ActiveX controls
are not supported." Does anyone know a fix for this?

In my Control, i Load Single Doc/View structure.
Document template:
class CAutoVXDocTemplate : public CSingleDocTemplate
    enum { IDR_NOTUSED = 0x7FFF };

    CWnd* m_pParentWnd;
 CFrameWnd* m_pFrameWnd;
    CString m_docFile;


    CAutoVXDocTemplate(CRuntimeClass* pDocClass,CRuntimeClass* pFrameClas=


CRuntimeClass* pViewClass);

    CFrameWnd* CreateDocViewFrame(CWnd* pParentWnd);
    void SaveDocumentFile();

    virtual CFrameWnd* CreateNewFrame(CDocument* pDoc,CFrameWnd* pOther);
    virtual CDocument* OpenDocumentFile(LPCTSTR lpszPathName, BOOL
bVerifyExists = TRUE);


CAutoVXDocTemplate::CAutoVXDocTemplate(CRuntimeClass* pDocClass,
    CRuntimeClass* pFrameClass, CRuntimeClass* pViewClass)
        : CSingleDocTemplate(IDR_NOTUSED, pDocClass, pFrameClass,


CFrameWnd* CAutoVXDocTemplate::CreateDocViewFrame(CWnd* pParentWnd)
    CWaitCursor cursor;
 ASSERT(pParentWnd && IsWindow(*pParentWnd));
    ASSERT_KINDOF(CAutoVXCtrl, pParentWnd);
    m_pParentWnd = pParentWnd;
    m_pFrameWnd = NULL;

    if (!OpenDocumentFile(NULL))
       return NULL;

    ASSERT_KINDOF(CFrameWnd, m_pFrameWnd);


    return m_pFrameWnd;
  AfxMessageBox(_T("CreateDocViewFrame error.please retry!"));
 return NULL;


CFrameWnd* CAutoVXDocTemplate::CreateNewFrame(CDocument* pDoc,
        CFrameWnd* pOther)
    ASSERT(pOther == NULL);
    ASSERT(m_pFrameClass != NULL);
    if (pDoc != NULL)

    CCreateContext context;
    context.m_pCurrentFrame = pOther;
    context.m_pCurrentDoc = pDoc;
    context.m_pNewViewClass = m_pViewClass;
    context.m_pNewDocTemplate = this;

    m_pFrameWnd = (CFrameWnd*)m_pFrameClass->CreateObject();
    if (m_pFrameWnd == NULL)
        TRACE1("Warning: Dynamic create of frame %hs failed. ",
        return NULL;
    ASSERT_KINDOF(CFrameWnd, m_pFrameWnd);

    if (context.m_pNewViewClass == NULL)
        TRACE0("Warning: creating frame with no default view. ");

    ASSERT_KINDOF(CAutoVXCtrl, m_pParentWnd);

    if (!m_pFrameWnd->Create(NULL, L"", WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE,
        CFrameWnd::rectDefault, m_pParentWnd, NULL, 0, &context))
        TRACE0("Warning: CDocTemplate couldn't create a frame. ");
        return NULL;

 return m_pFrameWnd;}

CDocument* CAutoVXDocTemplate::OpenDocumentFile(
    LPCTSTR lpszPathName, BOOL bVerifyExists)
    CWaitCursor cursor;
    m_docFile = lpszPathName;

    if (bVerifyExists)
        DWORD dwAttrib = GetFileAttributes(m_docFile);
        if (dwAttrib == 0xFFFFFFFF ||
            dwAttrib == FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY)
            lpszPathName = NULL;

   return CSingleDocTemplate::OpenDocumentFile( lpszPathName, TRUE);}

In Class : CAutoVXCtrl
  if (!m_bDocInitialized)
   CDocManager docManager;
   CAutoVXDocTemplate* pDocTemplate = new CAutoVXDocTemplate(


   m_bDocInitialized = TRUE;
  ASSERT(m_pDocTemplate); // Set in call to AddDocTemplate
  m_pFrameWnd = m_pDocTemplate->CreateDocViewFrame(this);
  ASSERT_KINDOF(CFrameWnd, m_pFrameWnd);
  theApp.m_pMainWnd= m_pFrameWnd;
   m_Timer = SetTimer(WM_IDLEUPDATECMDUI, 300, NULL);


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