Re: Document Template question

Goran <>
Fri, 19 Jun 2009 02:01:01 -0700 (PDT)

AddDoctemplate(NULL), in InitInstance; done.

This went completely over my head - why would the NULL arg work?

In MFC sources, void CDocManager::AddDocTemplate(CDocTemplate*

        // // ******Works beacuse MFC people wrote it so that it works
    if (pTemplate == NULL)
        if (pStaticList != NULL)
            POSITION pos = pStaticList->GetHeadPosition();
            while (pos != NULL)
                pTemplate = (CDocTemplate*)pStaticList->GetNext(pos);
            delete pStaticList;
            pStaticList = NULL;
        bStaticInit = FALSE;

There's pStaticList, bStaticInit and related crap in CDocTemplate and
CDocTemplateManager that make this work.

Heck, I would guess any system font used by a process is a one-off.

Again, ?

For whatever fonts are used as "defaults", my guess is there's only
one per process or something like that, and it's shared. E.g. dialog
controls there's potentially many of these in the process - it's plain
silly that each control has it's own font, when huge majority of these
are same.


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