Re: Switch Case problem

David Wilkinson <>
Thu, 11 Jan 2007 12:13:59 -0500
Muhammad Azeem Azam wrote:

i have an array in a function-1 that conatins some string (Data).
i passed this array to a function-2 that has a switch statement;
i too use a for loop to have all Array(i.e data from function-1)
But every time switch reads the first character.

but switch says u can't use string

I need some thing like that
switch (some variable that is an array conating string) // problem is here
case 'Command 1':
case 'Command 2':



If you have only a few strings, you can just use a series of if-else's.

With a large number, a btter approach is to use a map (e.g std::map) to
map the strings onto integers (or better enum values). Something like

// untested
enum {COMMAND_1 = 1, COMMAND_2, ....} Command;
std::map<std::string, Command> stringMap;
stringMap["Command 1"] = COMMAND_1;
stringmap["Command 2"] = COMMAND_2;
// etc

std::string someString = "Some string";

switch (stringMap[someString])
case COMMAND_1:
case COMMAND_2:

If you make the map a member variable, you can initialize it in the

David Wilkinson

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