RE: std::map problem

=?Utf-8?B?U21yaXRp?= <>
Tue, 8 Jan 2008 14:50:03 -0800
The issue is resolved, please ignore the above post.

"Smriti" wrote:

I'm using a data structure of the type:
std::map<std::set<int>,std::set<char*>>, where as you notice that the key is
a set of ints and the value corresponding to it is a set of strings. However,
when I try to map a key to a set of strings such that the set contains more
than 20 strings, the mapped value is empty. For example if I do something
like this:

std::map<std::set<int>,std::set<char*>> mapInt2Char;
std::set<int> setKey;
std::set<char*> setValues;
char *pChar = null;

for(i - 0;i < 25;i++)
  pChar = new char[10];

mapInt2Char[setKey] = setValues;
I find that the value corresponding to the key {1} in the map is empty. It
works fine as long as the number of strings in the set is less than or equal
to 20. I don't get this problem when the mapped value is a set of ints. Does
anybody know why this is happening? I'm using VS 2005.

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