Re: Is CArray best for this...

"David Ching" <>
Fri, 18 Jan 2008 11:16:34 -0800
"Giovanni Dicanio" <> wrote in message

"David Wilkinson" <> ha scritto nel messaggio

Hi David,

Strangely enough, I wrote the following piece of code just yesterday

typedef std::map<CString, CString> StringMap;
StringMap m_itemMap;
CListBox m_keyListBox;

void CMyDlg::DisplayItems()
  for (StringMap::const_iterator it = m_itemMap.begin(); it !=
m_itemMap.end(); ++it)

I may misunderstand David C., but I think that he would prefer a "cleaner"
style, like what C# Dictionary offers, e.g.:

 Dictionary< string, string > itemMap;
 foreach ( string key in itemMap )
     // Write key ... or add it to list box or whatever
     DoSomething( key );

So he may want a 'foreach' keyword to be added to C++, and kind of
"simpler" collections than STL (however, STL is very powerful).

Thanks G, the C# sample is really ideal, isn't it? I mean look at the "STL
overhead" that is completely absent from C#:

    .first // <-- this is how to access "key"; really bizarre

That's what I meant when I say STL appeals to computer scientists, as they
manage to throw in all manner of extraneous technical gobbly-gook to
accomplish the simplest things.

I also don't like STL behavior that if the element you reference has a
default constructor, referencing the element creates it behind your back,
and if it doesn't have a default constructor, an exception is thrown.
Having different behavior like this is definitely not treating the data type
as a simple extension to the C style [] array and creates errors.

-- David

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