Re: document class

mfc <>
Mon, 27 Sep 2010 03:27:46 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks for your help: first of all I tried to fix my xml file to use
namespaces as well as only attributes instead of values: I`m not sure
if my xml notation for a radiobuttongroup as well as a selection box
field (or combo-box) is ok - maybe there are some suggestions for

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <!-- name of the xml file configuration -->
     <Name>default configuration</Name>

<!-- checkbox config display:State -->

     <display:Config xmlns:display="#">
        <display:Brightness disabled="false" level="20" />
        <display:State disabled="false" checked="checked" />

<!-- radio button config ethernet:Sel -->

     <ethernet:Config xmlns:ethernet="#">
        <ethernet:Sel groupName="ipcfg" checked="true" id="dhcp"
        <ethernet:Sel groupName="ipcfg" checked="false" id="statip"
        <ethernet:Ip disable="false" level="" />

<!-- select box config language:Sel -->

     <language:Support xmlns:language="#">
        <language:Sel disabled="false">
          <language:English selected="true" level="English" />
          <language:German selected="false" level="German" />
        <language:State disable="false" checked="checked" />


Maybe there`s also a better place to install the xmlns attributes,
because during parsing the xml file I will also get these attributes
which should not be part of the std::map file.

Do you install one std::map or several std::maps - one for every node
(e.g. display:brightness, display:state)? Because if I use only one
map, I can`t install all attributes of all nodes in this file because
the key value must be unique.

| <disabled> <true>
| <level> <50>
| <disabled> <false>
| <checked> <true>

In the header file of my xml file class:

      std::map<CString, CString> DisplayBrightnessNode;
      std::map<CString, CString> DisplayStateNode;


//with hardcoded values for demonstration:
DisplayBrightnessNode[_T("disabled")] = _T("true");
DisplayBrightnessNode[_T("level")] = _T("50");

DisplayStateNode[_T("disabled")] = _T("false");
DisplayStateNode[_T("checked")] = _T("true");

With this purpose I`ll need round about 100 maps to get all
information stored from the xml file. But using one std:map is not
sufficient for all required information (attributes: level, checked,

After parsing the attributes for one node (display::brightness) it is
also not easy to determine which std::map is responsible for these

if(nodename == _T("display:brightness"))
    DisplayBrightnessNode[_T("specific key")] = _T("specific value");
else if(nodename == _T("display:state))
    DisplayStateNode[_T("specific key")] = _T("specific value");

If I will use only one single std::map I`ve to use a struct which
contains all possible attributes for one node

struct multi_value
    CString disabled;
    CString checked;
    CString selected;
    CString level;

std::map<string, multi_value> AllNodes;

multi_value multi;
AllNodes[_T("display::brightness")] = multi;

best regards

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